Sales go through the process from quoting, ordering, shipping to invoicing through picking and commission packaging processes.Ofcourse any step here as in other parts of the system can be ommitted if the case requires it.Procurement fully covers the path of the procurement or service used from the request for purchase to the customer to the invoicing of the receipt of the goods. Foreign and domestic receipt as well as other costs charged to the goods afterwards can be treated equally.The business opportunity feature is an everyday helper for classic sales work. External and internal documents can be attached to each customer relationship step and with the help of the reminders they will not loose any business opportunities in the day-to-day work.In the inventory transaction section you are able to do a stocktake,use business partnes catalog numbers with items,transfer stock and remove or collect stock. In the business partners section you can access customer data,related negotiation partners,shipping or billing addresses,balances and open orders,deliveries. The fastes way to access contracts and other documents related to the customer is from here. With activity management, we can plan cutomer-related events wich can be phone calls,meetings,notes or tasks. With the help of the bank function we can manage all kinds of transactions. Here,incoming and outgoing accounts run together for both cash and transfer settlement. It is also possible to fully process cash registers and bank statements. The tasks related to the management of customer’s current accounts can also be handled here the fastest.In the finance function we find our accounting and financial data. The posting of various analysts also run together here. We will also have the opportunity for the general ledger transfers here. Accountants can be of great help with an accounting step that runs at predetermined times(for example to handle accrurals). Here you can also request general ledger, ledger cards and sales tax related reports.In the production chapter we can handle different parts lists-recipes or sets. Production instructions can be created for disassambly and reassembly, which can also perform automatic stock movement as required. The production processes can be well traced in each production phase.
Material requirements planning helps to plan material requirements for sales, manufacturing, or inventory. With the help of the given forecasts, the effects known from experience, but not even seen on a daily basis, can be taken into account. You can use it to create documents that make optimal use of production or commercial stocks.With the help of the human recources module,the salary,labour and data of our employees can be maintained quickly and easily. With simple tools, you can control the validity of the permissions required for the jobs. The service and service module helps you with simple and efficent error reporting, worksheet management and task assignment. The service contacts of the partner as well as the main sheets of equipment purchased from us and foreign equipment can also be managed in the same place.

The SAP Business one supports the Taxation Department online invoicing from the 2018, 1.0 version.

For our current version, please contact us so your data prevision is in order!