• The sytem uses drill buttons to help further detail each piece of data
  • Its flexibility and formability allows for quick customization for all users even without development tools.
  • With its built-in tools it enables faster and more cost effective deployment, compared to its competitors without loosing the systems stability.
  • When developing new functions the existing functions remain unchanged which speeds up the development compared to traditional systems and simplifies the daily work.
  • The stucture of the database can be flexibly modified with different field types.
  • Another data type can be added to any elemen or data table of the sytem with simple tools
  • Full logging makes it easy to track changes to input data.
  • Authorization and alert processes can be used to prevent unwanted exceptional events and inform those resopnsible.
  • Multiply built-in queries allow you to perform custom queries without any programming knowladge.
  • Document(certificate) images can be customised as desired.
  • The use of the system can be learned quickly,as the input interfaces work with the same logic and their structure is consistent.
  • The system has a multilingual user interface.
  • Multi-country specific operation.

The SAP Business one supports the Taxation Department online invoicing from the 2018, 1.0 version.

For our current version, please contact us so your data prevision is in order!