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Abszolút Informatika Kft. was founded in 2012. Earlier it was one of the devisions of Progen Kft. As the successor undertaking of SAP devision, Abszolút Informatika Kft. does ERP introductions as an independent unit with its usual and well-trained professionals. Abszolút Informatika Kft. by now, has become the most stable and reliable SAP partner of the ERP sector in Hungary.. All of its professionals have much experience in successful introduction projects, as advisors, developers and salesmen. They all have been working in the computer science for almost two decades.

Our clients find a most professional partner in Abszolút Informatika Kft. Its well- educated specialists are able to offer valuable, fast and flexible help in the introduction, follow up and further development phase. Building on SAP's flexible technology,we serve our users at the highest level in a wide range of business processes. If you are looking for a stable, easy to learn and reliable corporate governance system for your company, one of our professionals will present you on your site, how SAP Business One can help the efficient operation and development of your company. Please contact us on „Asking for Presentation”option.

Gábor Bánhidai

Why to choose Abszolút Informatika Kft.?

  • Client-friendly solutions
  • Customized solutions
  • Almost 20 years of experience


The SAP Business one supports the Taxation Department online invoicing from the 2018, 1.0 version.

For our current version, please contact us so your data prevision is in order!