General purpose additions

  • Transfer of bank-connection data to the bank terminal
  • ABEV(ANYK) connection. VAT statement parameterizable connection to the corresponding form. Regarding to SAP’s flexible coding system,standard codes with recommendation and extension possibilities.
  • The SAP Business One system with the ABSZOLÚT appropriate add-ons was rewarded the title of „Auditor Friendly Softwer”. It creates a link to the softwer from the additions provided by The Hungarian Chamber of Auditors.
  • Exchange rate download, The National Bank current exchange table will be downloaded and updated in the system.
  • Predefined- general purpose- forms and queries(e.g.: Hungarian ledger extract format, accounting changes, daily transport summaries, etc.)

Industry solutions

  • EDI connection. Electonic order receiving with the most well-known store partners with electronic prosessing and messaging to the selected users.
  • Quality assurance system. Extension of production related functions with project tracking system. It helps you follow each step in case of multi-level(step) processing, cloning similar processes from one another.
  • Sortiment treatment, configuration management of the ready to wear industry logistical processes to solve the complete range of sizes and individual stock management at the same time.
  • Food industry stock management. Treatement of expiry dates for own and distributor sales support.

The SAP Business one supports the Taxation Department online invoicing from the 2018, 1.0 version.

For our current version, please contact us so your data prevision is in order!